Helpful Hints for Measuring Your Space

Start by sketching out the space (don’t worry, we aren’t looking for perfect drawings!). Make sure you include any windows, doors, openings, and locations of your existing appliances.

Take some quick measurements and fill them in on your sketch. One of our team members will come out to your home to confirm the measurements before any orders are placed, so just do the best you can to help us get started on a design for you. Don’t forget to include your ceiling height!

If you plan to replace your appliances, it may be good to give our designer a heads up. Either way, giving us an idea of the width of the appliances you plan to use, as well as the location will help make sure that your initial design is as close as possible to your dream kitchen.

Make sure that you are measuring the overall length of each wall, corner to corner, in inches. Doors and windows should be measured from outside casing to outside casing (include your trim!). You can also make notes of any structural changes you want to explore options for, like removing walls.


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